Cosmic Creations


  The Grids come in the following styles...


Seed of Life ~ good simple general purpose sacred geometry Grid

Celestial Star Burst ~ (which I now call the "Medicine Wheel Grid” ) this grid is a Seed of Life Grid with twice as many places for stones

Flower of Life ~ By far can be the most powerful Grid because of the large amount of stones can be used at once or several small Grids at once

Grand Trine ~ Very well liked with many uses

Pentagram ~ Loved by the Pagans and Wickans (5 point star)

Star of David ~ Very Universal & great old symbol Grid ( 6 point)

Pleiadian ~ The best to work with the seven 7 chakras, gentle loving energy  (7 point)

Sirian Star ~ Very universal with a strong 'get er done energy ! ( 8 point)

Star Seed Grid ~ This unique grid is a Star of David Grid with a seed of life Grid in the center Also our latest design and fast becoming our best sellers with unlimited uses and applications !

Antahkarana ~ Reiki Healing symbol Grid and is very powerful when used with small selenite pieces placed on the copper between stones great Grid for all types of Healing ! also one of my favorites !


  One of the best selling items I have is what we call the "Crystal Grid Workshop in a Bag " !! This is a five inch Grid of choice, a 5 inch selenite Activation Wand, a pouch of 20 + starter stones and a complete Crystal Grid Workshop Manual (which is the exact manual I give to everyone attending any of my workshops). This manual starts off with the basic of setting up and activating/using the "Crystal Grids of the Future" and include a few basic Grids like Healing Grids, Protection Grids and Harmonizing Grids, and include a 2 page chart of Stone Energies Guides and the last page tells of the many uses of Pyramids !


  We also create and sell a 4 foot Copper Tubing Meditation Pyramid (which has 18 inch legs setting the Pyramid up high enough to place a comfortable chair inside of the Pyramid that makes it super easy and comfortable to meditate.. And an 8 foot and 10 foot Copper Tubing Pyramids.. All the 4, 8 and 10 foot pyramids are easy to set up or take down in 5 to 10 minutes and can be snapped together with clips or bolted together for permanent set ups and also all of these pyramids break down into 5 foot or less packages for easy transportation......