Crystal Grid Workshop

Tuesday, September 25th from 6:00 to 8:30 pm

Join us for a Crystal Grid Workshop to be held in East Peoria!

In this fun- filled and exciting Crystal Grid Workshop, you will learn:

·         Basics of Crystal Grid energy

·          Setting intentions for  the Crystal Grid

·         Stone selections to improve performance of the Crystal Grid

·         How to cleanse and care for  your crystals

·         Creating patterns for the Crystal Grids

·         Various ways of Activating Crystal Grids

·          Anchoring your Grid to Mother Earth’s Ley Lines to significantly improve the Crystal Energy Vortex of the Grid

·          The art of using copper pyramids

In this 2-hour workshop, you will receive a 5” glass & copper Crystal Grid, a set of 9 Chakra Stones, an additional pouch of stones, a Selenite activation wand and a workshop manual.   The cost of the Materials you keep and take home with you is over $70.00!  Workshop cost is just $65, normally $133.

Address in East Peoria will be emailed to you upon registration!

For questions, contact Thomas Putman (928)600-4062 or email shaman

Class size is limited so register now!

Schedule Your Own Healing Joy Workshop Today!

Thomas is available to conduct workshops for your group or business!  
They include a $70 Crystal Grid Package with a copper-glass-wood crystal base of your choice, workshop manual, selenite activation wand, pouch of chakra stones and a pouch of extra stones for creating many different grids. 
What will happen?
Thomas will lead the group on:
--Crystal grid basics
--Reading and repairing the etheric energy body
--Choosing the desired purpose and intention for the crystal grid
--Selecting the stones to achieve your desired results
--Various ways of activating grids
--Anchoring the grid with Mother Earth ley lines
Most workshops are four hours but can be tailored to your event.  Call Thomas Putman 928-600-4062 to schedule yours today!
I have been doing and offering Advanced Crystal Grid and Pyramid workshops for about 15 years now. I am always looking for people to "Co-Host" workshops with me. This is a wonderful way to bring an Advanced workshop to your area!  In doing so I ask for 10 or more people wanting to attend and a location to hold the workshop. Then that person ( and 1 friend) Co-Hosting will get to do the workshop Free!  You will find that  the vibrations of your location will be significantly raised!   These are often done in someone's home and a lot of my workshops are done in retail locations like Crystal Shops, Bookstores and Healing offices etc. Each workshop comes with a Full Manual, a set of approx 25 stones, a Selenite Activation wand and a grid of your choice from about 20 different grids.
A lot of people have no idea of what Crystal Grid Activating encompasses or even what Grid Activation actually is. I teach the many ways of properly activating grids whether it is to be used in one home, workplace or sacred space or to be used in sending Long distant Healing to some one on the other side of the Planet. I have developed a unique way of anchoring a Crystal Grid to the Ley Lines of our wonderful Planet Earth to Bring the Loving Energies into the Crystal Grid and its location. In doing this your grid's energies will go world wide thru the Ley Liine as well :)
If interested please contact me!
Happy Gridding Everyone <3
Much Love and Bright Blessings to all <3
Thomas Putman